Rainbow Scales Trolley Seat Cover

Rainbow Scales Trolley Seat Cover

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Most parents would be aware of how unhygienic Shopping Trolleys are. Numerous studies have found that harmful bacteria is present all over shopping trolley surfaces, not to mention how uncomfortable they look for a child to sit in, let alone go to sleep in.

Here are a few of the key features they have:

. Creates a barrier between an unhygienic trolley and your child.

. A one piece design that COMPLETELY covers all surfaces your child can touch (on most trolleys) - Trolley handles, side of handles, seat, side rails and the metal bars at the back. Even though handles are covered they are still extremely easy to push. Plus it keeps your hands clean so you don't cross infect your child.

. These do fit the large green Woolworths trolleys-but NOT over the handle section. These can be made to cover the handle at an additional cost of $10-you can see them here 

. Single trolley seat covers can be use on the double seat covers using the centre 2 leg holes on the trolley. We do make the covers for 2 children you can see these HERE

. Comes with it's pillow and convenient pocket on the back you can use to store your pillow in until it is needed, your keys, purse, spare nappy and wipes and even a snack for bubs.

. Easy and quick to install with one hand.

. Soft padded cover makes for a comfortable ride.

. Stylish and fun patterns in girl, boy and unisex colours.

Unfortunately No More Nasties no longer offers seatbelts-seatbelts are available on shopping trolleys and we have left slits open for you to thread it through. Always use a seatbelt when your child is in the trolley. Please never leave your child unattended in the trolley. 


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